P90X graduate!!! Now what?!?

I’ve officially completed 90 days (a smidge more than that actually)of P90X.


  • I can outrun my children!
  • Down 30 lbs
  • Down 2 jean sizes (and the ones I’m in are getting a bit loose)
  • Down 1 underwear size (for some reason I was more excited about this than the jeans… )
  • I can take the stairs at my school without panting like a rabid wildebeest.


  • Due to Dr.’s orders I had to tone down how often I exercised so I’m sure I could have gotten a lot more out of it then I did.
  • I’m not yet at my “ideal” weight.
  • Most of the weight I lost seems to have come from my ribs. (How many times have you heard… Your ribs are looking hot baby, you been working out?)
  • I’m not ready to let go of Tony Horton yet…

The next steps:

  • Since it’s “highly recommended”  that I not push as hard with the exercising I’m going to do a hybrid program next that includes P90X cardio and kenpo along with Turbo Jam.
  • I’m going to continue drinking Shakeology.
  • I’m going to continue to “Bring It” in a way that doesn’t send me back to the ER again.

The support and encouragement I’ve received from my husband, kids, my coach, my friends, and random strangers on the internet have gotten me over several rough patches.  Thank you all!!






Feeling frisky =)

I was feeling so much better today that we set up the kids new “3D” Buzz Lightyear SlipNSlide. I definitely got some cardio in today. I can’t resist a SlipNSlide. My kids think I’m nuts because I attempt to do “The Dolphin” and “Superman.” It isn’t pretty =P I hope that I’ll always have a bit of a kid in me.

We put Sophia on a mini-surfboard and pushed her down the slipnslide. She got such a kick out of going through the tunnel. Nothing is sweeter than baby giggles. Scotty put on the “3D” goggles that came with it and took a running go…. I asked him if it really looked 3D (I’m blind in one eye so I’ve never experienced 3D movies and such)… he said, “I dunno… I had my eyes closed.” lol Only my kiddos would insist on a 3D slipnslide, argue over who gets to use the goggles first, and then not bother to use them properly.

I’m getting back into P90X tomorrow. X Stretch is on the schedule for my WOWY calendar but I think I’ll do that in the morning and add some Kenpo in the afternoon. If my symptoms come back, I’ll just back off again for a few days. I feel the need to make up for lost time.

P.S. I’ve noticed… I have a serious addiction to… ellipses… sorry…

The hardest post I’ll ever do…

Please don’t check this post if you are offended by chunky girls in bikini’s or sports bras and shorts…  You’ve been warned!!

If 30 days can do this for me… what can it do for you?

Fitness test (4 weeks into P90X)

I did my fitness test again today (I took it on day 1 and the results weren’t pretty) I’m blown away by the changes in just 4 weeks…

Fitness test…

and this is with me starting at nearly zero.. I couldn’t do a real push-up.. and could only do a handful of jumping jacks when I started. (I’m up to 50 now!)

I will say that I can’t give credit for all the changes to P90X… a big big part of it is eating right and making healthy choices. It’s basic algebra a + b = c (a is a healthy diet, b is a consistent exercise program, & c is a healthy body) “a” might help you lose some weight and “b” might tone you if you use them by themselves… but it’s not gonna get ya to “c”.

If you need my help getting to “c” click the contact bar and let me help!

Kenpo Time!!

I’ve heard so many amazing things about Kenpo… “It’s so fun!” “The time flies by!” My very first Kenpo I was convinced that my friends were either nutso or just plain masochistic. Now that I’ve done it a few times I’m starting to enjoy it.. (it feels more like the hour long work-out it is instead of a 10 hour torture session) Scotty Jr. joined me today and made it about 1/2 way through before he was tuckered out.

My older kiddos went to Vacation Bible School today. They have a dinner before class starts followed by ice cream cones. Of course Sophie had to have one. And once Sophie gets her “EEeyyyyyeeessssss” she won’t give it up =P So we got groceries with her COVERED in vanilla ice cream clutching her droopy cone.

It was a good day =)