Stressful Smalltown Situations

I love my tiny little town, most days. This past month and a half.. not so much.

We just received yet another nasty nasty note from our town. Some of these notes have been justified (there have been a few times we let the grass grow a smidge too high) some were just being picky (a letter about garbage in our yard: the garbage was my kids’ wagon and a couple of toys.)

This note was about our garbage not being picked up. I’d get the nastiness if we hadn’t explained the situation to them, but we did, so now I’m just praying God has his own brand of karma.

The situation is this… Week 1 we noticed they didn’t pick up our trash. We called.  We jumped through hoops. We finally got ahold of someone who said essentiallly, “oopsie, our bad.  we’ll be there next week.”

Week 2: still no pickup. Oookkay.  Call again. Jump through the same hoops. Finally get another “Our bad!” and they swear to pick it up next week.    In the meantime we explained the situation to our town because neighbors were complaining. (sorry neighbors.  I love you, I really do.  I just don’t love you enough to drag 2 week old garbage that has been sitting in the sun back up to my house.  Deal with it. All of your houses are far enough away that you can’t smell it and I’m sorry that it’s an eyesore. But seriously…  wishing karma on yall too.)

Week 3:  PICK UP!! Hurray!  The aggrivation is finally over!! Not.

Week 4: No pickup. Seirously?!?! We call again. We recieved another “our bad.” speech.   At this point were majorly annoyed.

Week 5: No pickup. Come to find out the last time we paid our bill they put it on a different account.  They assured us this was fixed.

Week 6:  No pickup.  &^%^ !!   This time they say it’s because we didn’t pay last months bill.  We calmly (sort of) explained we didn’t really recieve any service for the last month and we threatened lawsuits and to move our service to another company. They assured us they would be there to pick up next week.

Week 7: Pick up!! And receipt of the nasty letter. JOY.  I feel like this nasty letter should have been sent to Waste Management. What I ‘d really like is WM to write a letter of apology to my neighbors and town… with something like.. if you can’t be nice we’ll stop picking up your garbage and then the Armstrong family can write nasty letters and complain about you!!.

I’m such a private person that maybe I shouldn’t be in a small town.  When people say that in a small town everyone knows everything about you they are not exaggerating. People here know things about me that I don’t know about myself… (my favorite comment…”Did you know you’ve worn those jeans twice this week?” my response…”Uhh..”) Gossip here is rampant and only 10% of it is true. And if you aren’t a “Lifer” (someone who was born and raised is this town) you will always be an outsider.

But even with all the nasty rotten stupid idiotic mean things that go on here, I really do love my town.  I love knowing every single child that is in the same age group as mine.  I love waving to people as you drive by. I love that our two main restaurants, Subway and McDonalds, know me well enough to brace themselves when I come in the door (They know it’s gonna be a BIG order). I love that when times are rough the entire town bands around you to support you through it, even if you’re an outsider.  And these people have been my rock many a time.

Any small town nuttiness you’re willing to share? I’d like to know I’m not alone in this.