Geek Lite

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m raising the next generation of geeks.  Want proof?

  • My 8 yo can pvp better than I can.
  • My sons regularly argue whether melee or range classes are better.
  • My 18 mo can navigate a mouse like a pro.
  • When I yell “Line of Sight!” at the park (yes…I’m that Mom) my kids know what I mean and hustle back into my range of vision.
  • My 10 yo has been asking Santa for a laptop for the past 5 years.
  • Grounding my kiddos from the computer is the ULTIMATE punishment.
  • If the choice came down between paying our internet bill or eating that week my kids would vote internet.
  • My 12 yo is a fb and youtube – aholic.
  • All of my kids know what 1337 means.
  • Horde vs Alliance is  a regular debate in my house.
  • My kids don’t yell “Geronimo!” They yell… “Leeeerrrooy Jenkins!”
  • If I have a computer issue… I’d ask my 8yo before I’d even think of calling support.

Still not convinced?  I could go on for pages. I could complain or attempt to push them to be “normal” children…  but why?  My kiddos are 1337.