Things and stuff

This has been an insanely busy autumn.  Today was the first day of journalism club; one of the clubs I “teach.” I have an amazing group of kids again.  Today we worked on the parts of an article and how to interview.  Next week I’ll be passing out permission slips for yearbook committee.  I’m very nervous about this because I’ve ended up overwhelmed with students that wanted to join in the past and it’s hard for me to deny any child experiences like yearbook and journalism.

I put up my very first homemade poster board in my temporary classroom.

My college classes are getting progressively harder. I’m writing a research paper in APA format for Human Growth and Development. It’s titled Difficult Decisions: Middle Class Families Face Tough Choices in Determining the Care their Elder Relatives Receives. Essentially it’s about facing the decision to either put your parent in a nursing home or move in with them/have them move in with you and provide homecare. I should have done something simpler like Toilet Training but I can never take the “easy” path without feeling like I’m letting myself down.

Caregiving for my FiL is still hard.  He’s getting meaner as his illness progresses and seems to only find joy it making me feel bad no matter what I do. It helps a little to know that his behavior is normal for a dementia patient but it’s still emotionally exhausting. The research I’ve done trying to figure out how to provide the best care for him is how I got the idea for my paper.

Happy news: My husband is going to start working out with me! I’m so excited. =) I hope this will be a good outlet for all the stress we are under.