My life: The good, the bad, and the FiL.

I’ve been slacking on my blog postings lately. There is so much going on and most of it is either extremely stressful, extremely boring, or extremely inappropriate to share on the internet.

First off let me say… I HATE moving.  I hate boxes and newspaper and tape and hauling and packing and unpacking.  I hate trying to find time to do it and still do the other 50 bajillion other things I need to do each day. I hate storage companies and scrambling to find boxes. The whole process stinks. The stress from it is exacerbated by my dear father-in-law who picks the worst moments to start screaming “HELP! Somebody help me!!” We drop everything to run to him and 90% of the time he wants his back scratched.  *Sigh*

My Toby (8 years old) on moving.  “When I grow up I’m gonna get a camper so when I gotta move I don’t gotta pack. I can just drive there.” Sounds genius to me… then… “I’ll probably keep pigs inside, in a pen, to eat.” Hmm…

One of the most romantic comments from my husband (together 13 years) happened the other night… Getting ready for bed and sharing the mirror in the bathroom he suddenly turns to me, gives me a big smooch and says, “Anytime I’m this close to you I just have to kiss you.”  Aww *warm fuzzies* The rest of that story goes into the “extremely inappropriate to share on the internet” category.

I’ve been getting these nasty migraines every night for the past four nights.  OTC meds don’t even touch them.  It seems like my children intuitively know this and get proportionately louder the worse my headache gets.I desperately need to find a way to de-stress. I think a lady-day is in order. I’m gonna hold out til August 19th and go watch Fright Night.  David Tennant ❤

My “tween” daughter is grounded for the next two weeks for being lippy. I feel like such a hypocrite for punishing her for saying what I’m thinking.  I usually torn between pride and embarrassment for some of her comments.  Pride because she’s so much like me and embarrassment for remembering that I put my mother through the very same thing. I’m hoping to teach her that not every snarky, smart-alec, nasty thought that goes through her head is appropriate to speak aloud… That’s what Twitter is for.

I’m very concerned for my FiL. He has a list of ailments a mile long, he moans every other second (not exaggerating here! It’s extremely creepy.), he’s drinking less than 4 ounces of fluid per day, he refuses to bathe or clean himself in any way, and he refuses to go the  Dr. or to the ER.  He’s still at the point where he can make his own decisions so we’re stuck watching him get worse and scratching his back 20 times a day.  It’s no wonder I’m getting migraines.

Happier news!  I got my business cards today.  I’m really happy with how they turned out.

You like em?






My healthy addictions…

Tomorrow will be the 6 week mark…  It blows my mind that it’s been that long.  In only 4 more days I’ll be 1/2 way through my P90X program!

When I first started I thought the hardest part would be the diet plan. I was a bad carb girl all the way. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten whole wheat bread (let alone multi-grain) before 6 weeks ago. I unrepentantly cooked with butter or vegetable oil. I added salt to nearly everything and I never said no to “seconds”. I’ve replaced these unhealthy addictions with much healthier ones and I’m seeing such a huge difference…. not just with my weight.  I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic.

New Addiction 1:   Shakeology.  Where have you been all my life?!?!  I remember choking down Slim-fast (GAG) and wishing for something that tasted better and was actually satisfying. Now I’ve finally found it. It’s unbelievable yummy, chock full of vitamins, minerals, and other good-for-you stuff, and it’s only 140 calories.  It fills me up and appeals to my lazy-side.   What more could I ask for?

New Addiction 2: Kashi foods.  Whole grain snacks and foods that actually taste fabulous… I couldn’t believe it!  My favorite snacks now are their TLC Zesty Salsa Pita Crisps, Toasted Asiago crackers, and Fire Roasted Veggie Crackers. And their Oatmeal Raisin Flax cookies are nummy.  I’m not a huge fan of their cereals but I’ve heard great things about their new line of pizzas and I can’t wait to try them.

New Addiction 3: Trolling blogs for healthy recipe ideas.   I cook for seven people.  SEVEN.  Fortunately six of those seven enjoy trying new things (number 7 is my FiL and no matter what I cook he does his Grumpy Smurf impression… “I hate rice!” “I hate vegetables!” “I hate fruit!” “I hate chicken unless it’s deep fried!” you get the idea) So thanks so much to those bloggers that post delicious, healthy, EASY recipes for my family.  My husband and kids thank you (My father in law thinks you suck)

Now I’m off to indulge in my newest not-so-healthy addiction… Twitter. Following that will be some Kenpo, finishing the great move (I feel like Mrs. Frisby a lot lately), a crazy made up dinner (I’ll post the recipe if its any good),  read with my kiddos, Stretch X, and sweet blissful sleep.

Queen of the Bog

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with how much pride and utter joy my children bring me. Yesterday, my oldest daughter Zoe showed me how brave she can be. My kids were attending their last day at Camp Fort Hill and there’s a tradition that campers may choose to participate in. It’s called “Royalty of the Bog.” In order to earn the title of “King” or “Queen of the Bog” you must go into this thick, goopy, stinky, swamp-like mud hole and submerge yourself completely. Zoe waded in up to her waist and watched as other kids either completed the ritual or chickened out. Her face betrayed her nervousness and the fact that she really didn’t want to do it yet wanted to at the same time. Just when I thought she was going to give up and wade out, her face got that determined look I see so often on her daddy and she plunged in. She popped out looking like something from a horror-flick… covered in black slime and reeking like a compost pile. She reached her arm out and regally demanded I get her a towel. As gracefully as humanly possible, she waded out, wiped her eyes, and started walking back to the lake like this living drama was inconsequential, but I could see the pride in her stance and her eyes.  She conquered her fear and became Queen of the Bog.

My kids could care less when I’m doing X Stretch or Back and Biceps but when Kenpo comes on… they’re all mesmerized. Sophia is only 18 months old but she loves joining in on the stretches. Downward Dog is her favorite and its adorable watching her do Cobra.  Scotty Jr. always joins me for the kicks. Zoe and Toby mostly like to critique my moves.  I’m planning to buy “Tony and the Kids” for them when I get finished with my 90 days and do it with them for my break between rounds. Everybody gets such a kick out of Tony, so I’m sure they’ll love it.

I can’t believe summer is nearly 2/3rds over.  I’m not ready to send them back to school.  They’re growing up too fast and school seems to accelerate it.  Summer is so laid back and there’s time to play and build memories.  It seems like during the school year it’s School, Activity, Homework, Dinner, Sleep, Repeat…  there’s never enough family time.  I’ve been debating homeschooling for a few years now but I want to be sure I’m giving my children the very best socially, morally, physically, and mentally.  Right now Central Elementary is giving them most of that but I have serious doubts about the middle school/high school.  Any suggestions?

Feeling frisky =)

I was feeling so much better today that we set up the kids new “3D” Buzz Lightyear SlipNSlide. I definitely got some cardio in today. I can’t resist a SlipNSlide. My kids think I’m nuts because I attempt to do “The Dolphin” and “Superman.” It isn’t pretty =P I hope that I’ll always have a bit of a kid in me.

We put Sophia on a mini-surfboard and pushed her down the slipnslide. She got such a kick out of going through the tunnel. Nothing is sweeter than baby giggles. Scotty put on the “3D” goggles that came with it and took a running go…. I asked him if it really looked 3D (I’m blind in one eye so I’ve never experienced 3D movies and such)… he said, “I dunno… I had my eyes closed.” lol Only my kiddos would insist on a 3D slipnslide, argue over who gets to use the goggles first, and then not bother to use them properly.

I’m getting back into P90X tomorrow. X Stretch is on the schedule for my WOWY calendar but I think I’ll do that in the morning and add some Kenpo in the afternoon. If my symptoms come back, I’ll just back off again for a few days. I feel the need to make up for lost time.

P.S. I’ve noticed… I have a serious addiction to… ellipses… sorry…

A Trip to the ER

Had to take a trip to the ER yesterday because “Aunt Flo” came bursting in like the Kool-Aid Man. It terrified me because my family has a long string of women that have needed emergency hysterectomies. Fortunately, the Dr. thinks its stress related (MiL dying, moving out of our home and into my FiL’s to be his full time caregivers, raising 4 kiddos, and a new diet and exercise lifestyle… I can see some stress there). They’re hoping its a one-time thing but for the next few days I’m supposed to take it easy (I.e., no P90X) I’m glad its my recovery week but I still feel blah for replacing my exercises with walks and stretches. (Weight at the doctor’s office… 223 lbs That means 27lbs gone in a little over a month!)

The kiddos are at day camp this week. It’s extremely hard for me to trust random people with my children. I’m working on it though because I know my kiddos need a bit of independence and they’ll be stronger and emotionally healthier for it. (knowing that doesn’t make it any easier on me though!)

Mini Road Trip

I missed doing my P90X yesterday but I feel OK with it because I spent most of the day cleaning out my FiL’s cabin and got in an hour of swimming.

Highlights: Played “Guess the animal” with my kids on the trip up. If you’ve never played.. someone thinks of an animal and everyone else asks only yes or no questions trying to guess it. My favorite from yesterday… Zoe, “I’m thinking of an animal” Does it have 2 legs? No. Does it have 4 legs? yes. Does it have fur? yes. Does it eat meat? yes. Scotty pops up… “Is it a chicken??”

Swam in the most gorgeously clear lake in the world.. it was sooo shallow for the longest time… we had to walk out about 40 feet before it hit our bellybuttons. ❤ Lake City

Had a fabulous lunch at a little cafe that does fresh baked bread…. had what they call a "Greek Turkey" Turkey, hummus, Peppers, Spinach, and feta cheese on whole grain bread… I'd almost be willing to make the 4 hour drive back just for that!

All the kids slept most of the drive home. At around midnight Toby starts hollering, "Mom!! Mom?!?!" When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I just wanted to make sure you were still here… *snore*" Not sure who he thought was driving…

My life needs a diet…

I’m one of those people that has trouble saying “no.”
“You need help with the bake sale? Sure!” “You want me to head this committee?? No problem!” For too many years I’ve based my self-worth on how much I was helping other people. I’ve decided to put some of my diet into play for my regular life to curb this trend. (I’ll mention that I don’t want to totally change. I love helping people… but I’m in danger of become a doormat if don’t take control.)

Step 1: Portion control: If it cuts into family time or I’m going to lose sleep over it, it needs to be minimized (like dessert; occasionally and in small amounts.) If it meets a need for myself or my family, it needs to be included (veggies). If it builds my character, makes me a better person, or just makes me happy I should meet but not exceed the required amount (protein).

Step 2: Cut the FAT!: If what I’m tempted to help someone with is caused by laziness, procrastination, or otherwise at their own hand to save them from embarrassment or having accountability for their actions… it’s drastically minimized.

Step 3: Byebye Bad Carbs: If it causes harm in any way, shape, or form to myself or my family it’s totally out.

How does my “life diet” sound? Any comments or suggestions?

P.S. Lovin’ seeing this when I log into

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