My healthy addictions…

Tomorrow will be the 6 week mark…  It blows my mind that it’s been that long.  In only 4 more days I’ll be 1/2 way through my P90X program!

When I first started I thought the hardest part would be the diet plan. I was a bad carb girl all the way. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten whole wheat bread (let alone multi-grain) before 6 weeks ago. I unrepentantly cooked with butter or vegetable oil. I added salt to nearly everything and I never said no to “seconds”. I’ve replaced these unhealthy addictions with much healthier ones and I’m seeing such a huge difference…. not just with my weight.  I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic.

New Addiction 1:   Shakeology.  Where have you been all my life?!?!  I remember choking down Slim-fast (GAG) and wishing for something that tasted better and was actually satisfying. Now I’ve finally found it. It’s unbelievable yummy, chock full of vitamins, minerals, and other good-for-you stuff, and it’s only 140 calories.  It fills me up and appeals to my lazy-side.   What more could I ask for?

New Addiction 2: Kashi foods.  Whole grain snacks and foods that actually taste fabulous… I couldn’t believe it!  My favorite snacks now are their TLC Zesty Salsa Pita Crisps, Toasted Asiago crackers, and Fire Roasted Veggie Crackers. And their Oatmeal Raisin Flax cookies are nummy.  I’m not a huge fan of their cereals but I’ve heard great things about their new line of pizzas and I can’t wait to try them.

New Addiction 3: Trolling blogs for healthy recipe ideas.   I cook for seven people.  SEVEN.  Fortunately six of those seven enjoy trying new things (number 7 is my FiL and no matter what I cook he does his Grumpy Smurf impression… “I hate rice!” “I hate vegetables!” “I hate fruit!” “I hate chicken unless it’s deep fried!” you get the idea) So thanks so much to those bloggers that post delicious, healthy, EASY recipes for my family.  My husband and kids thank you (My father in law thinks you suck)

Now I’m off to indulge in my newest not-so-healthy addiction… Twitter. Following that will be some Kenpo, finishing the great move (I feel like Mrs. Frisby a lot lately), a crazy made up dinner (I’ll post the recipe if its any good),  read with my kiddos, Stretch X, and sweet blissful sleep.


Mini Road Trip

I missed doing my P90X yesterday but I feel OK with it because I spent most of the day cleaning out my FiL’s cabin and got in an hour of swimming.

Highlights: Played “Guess the animal” with my kids on the trip up. If you’ve never played.. someone thinks of an animal and everyone else asks only yes or no questions trying to guess it. My favorite from yesterday… Zoe, “I’m thinking of an animal” Does it have 2 legs? No. Does it have 4 legs? yes. Does it have fur? yes. Does it eat meat? yes. Scotty pops up… “Is it a chicken??”

Swam in the most gorgeously clear lake in the world.. it was sooo shallow for the longest time… we had to walk out about 40 feet before it hit our bellybuttons. ❤ Lake City

Had a fabulous lunch at a little cafe that does fresh baked bread…. had what they call a "Greek Turkey" Turkey, hummus, Peppers, Spinach, and feta cheese on whole grain bread… I'd almost be willing to make the 4 hour drive back just for that!

All the kids slept most of the drive home. At around midnight Toby starts hollering, "Mom!! Mom?!?!" When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I just wanted to make sure you were still here… *snore*" Not sure who he thought was driving…

Just another manic Monday…

Is there some universal law that Monday’s have to be insane?! I honestly don’t think I’ve had a “normal” boring old Monday in months! Some of the highlights (lowlights?) of today… My husband took his dad in for a Dr. appointment and while I’m relaxing and enjoying the lower levels of testosterone in the house, my sister calls. Tornado warning… joy… I grab the phone and my four kids (had to wake the baby up and she was not pleased) and hustle downstairs. I frantically dialed the Dr.’s office to make sure my husband was safe and the receptionist tells me she warned him about the weather and he left anyways… ARGGHH.. They eventually made it home safe but that 1/2 hour of listening to thunder and wind was one of the longest of my life.

Then there’s this conversation between my boys… “when we grow up and go to the clubs to dance we’ll come home with a truck-load of girls..” errmmm Alarmed, I asked what exactly they plan to do with a truck-load of girls… Toby.. my darling Toby.. says, “Oh… They’ll do chores.” The relief that he wasn’t thinking about kissing etc was quickly replaced with the fear that I’m raising an 8-year-old chauvinist.

Then it’s time for Vacation Bible School again… and instead of eating a lovely looking cheeseburger with tator tots and melon Sophie spots the Ice Cream and has a melt-down… Screaming “Eeeeeyyyyeessssss” and attempting to fling herself out of my arms to attack the ice cream server. Fun.

After I pick up my kiddos, it’ll be time for X Stretch. I can see a major difference in my flexibility already. Tomorrow will be the 4 week mark for me.. so I’m going to do measurements. I’m having the irrational fear that the new form I’m seeing emerge is all in my head and my measurements tomorrow will be the same as the day 1 ones. I’m almost tempted to do it now…